Working Team

Tanya Harris – CEO

Tanya is an entrepreneur and CEO with over 20 years experience in performance psychology studying the productivity levels of people. She has patents filed for the first discrepancy matrix that links satisfaction to disgruntled employees.

She has built a strong team of cybersecurity and intelligence experts, who have over 200 plus collective years experience in the field. She holds qualifications in Cybersecurity Mobility, International Cyber Conflict, Philosophy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and HR Performance Psychology.

Robin A Murphy PhD (McGill) FHEA – Head of Research 

Associate Professor of Experimental Psychology and Fellow and Dean of Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford. Robin is the Principal Investigator, he leads the research work at Oxford and supports the technology transfer to Harrman. Robin received his undergraduate degree from Queen’s University and then studied for my MA and PhD at McGill University in Canada. He has published more than 50 scientific papers and chapters on topics ranging from the role of the hippocampus for animal learning, human learning, attention and reasoning as well as conceptual issues on the nature of the computational properties of learning.

Stelios Kiosses – Head of Psychology 

Stelios is a registered psychotherapist and psychologist who has specialised in the areas of Mental Health and Human Factors. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford and an Honorary and Visiting lecturer of Psychology at Birmingham University and Goldsmiths College and a visiting senior research associate at Kings College London. He is a Research Collaborator with the Psychopathology Research group at the University of Oxford and has interests and extensive experience in many areas of Human Factors, though his main interests are in human error and deception. His original research was undertaken for Rolls Royce Associates investigating Human error in the Trident nuclear submarines and currently is a member of ACARE WG4 Security (Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe). His current security interest is the investigation of a voice interface and personal recognition system (VIPER) using brain imaging to identify clue patterns specific to deception.

Hanif Majothi – Consultant and Facilitator ‘Insider Threat Red Flag Behaviour 

A former British Army soldier and highly skilled security specialist with twenty-four years Metropolitan police experience in covert intelligence, investigation and physical/close protection.  He is Developed Vetted (DV) & STRAP/TK inducted with covert and financial investigations and speaks fluent English, Urdu, Swahili, Hindi, Kutchi and Gujarati. He is a PhD student at Brunel Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies (BCISS) and Associate Lecturer – 3rd Year Undergraduate Module: Intelligence & National Security covering principles of intelligence, good governance, global models of organisation of intelligence and security communities. Hanif has designed the red flag behaviour insider threat development course and recruitment using new techniques.

Dilshad Hussain – Consultant – IS Data Protection and Cyber Culture Intelligence 

Specialises in insider threat process and implementation capabilities, in particular, the development of Data Protection, GDPR and Cyber Cultural Intelligence capabilities. Dilshad has built global solutions for IBM, Cable and Wireless and the UK Government, including organisational capabilities, strategic alignment, professional development, initiating and sustaining change, building high-performing cultures. She takes a pragmatic solutions-oriented approach to reducing insider threat by helping companies implement the right processes and ensuring the workforce has the implementation skills that are required in order to reduce inadvertent and malicious threats.

Errol Abrahams – Consultant – Forensics and ISO27001 Implementor

Errol has 30 years plus global IT experience in professional and managed network services, in particular, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS framework and NIST. Errol takes a multi-layered defence-in-depth approach that includes people, data and assets, that allows him to mitigate the risk of an insider threat and supporting companies with digital forensics, should a threat take place. His knowledge also extends into IT, data, systems, and network security, providing a holistic view of cybersecurity. He is a member of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) and AISA (Australian Information Security Association). Holds an MSc. in Network and Systems Administration focusing on Information Technology, Digital Forensics, IT Risk Management, Network and Security.

Partner Companies

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